SMS Agent - SMS Communication and Mobile Marketing Software

With the help of SMS, the SMS Agent system allows you to access data in your company information system or, alternatively, to check the state of other important systems.
SMS Agent is also an ideal product for implementation in the field of SMS marketing.

How to Make Use of SMS Communication

Remote Information Access
By sending a single SMS message, you can immediately find any information included in the company information system. After receiving your request, the SMS Agent system processes it using the parameters (SQL queries) set by the administrator and then sends a reply back to your mobile number.
Permanent Check of Important Company Systems
Another part of this system is a module allowing the permanent check of important systems. The moment any problem is detected, an SMS message is immediately sent to the selected members of staff. The check is run at pre-set intervals by means of external applications, SQL queries or requests sent to the WWW server.
Effective, Fast and Automatic Customer Communication
SMS Agent is equipped with a special module enabling SMS communication with the environment outside the company. The module is able to send the selected (registered) customers the latest information exactly according to your requirements.
Staff Group SMS Communication
The system enables a comfortable sending of SMS messages to a whole group of selected staff members.
SMS Marketing
SMS Agent is ideal for implementation in the field of mobile marketing. It also enables holding various SMS competitions and games.

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SMS Marketing - Ways of Implementation

Obtaining information from customers via SMS
For example, reactions to the printed ads, replies to surveys and competitions.
Accessing the additional information about your activities
Potential customers may require information via e-mail (fax), which they can request easily by sending an SMS.
Sending target information to specific customers
For example, sending news, special offers and other important information to all customers who are interested.
Ordering your products via SMS
Customers may send an order for goods or services by sending a simply formatted message from anywhere.

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SMS Agent

SMS Agent processes incoming SMS messages and according to the set rules carries out the required tasks, for example, sending an SQL query, running external applications and, of course, sending an SMS back with the requested information.

SMS Server

SMS Server intermediates all SMS communication between the GSM network and client applications (e.g. SMS Agent and SMS Komunikátor) operated in the local network.

SMS Communication


ČTK - Czech News Agency
Delivery of the SMS Server and SMS Agent system ensuring the sending of SMS news to registered users.


Philips Czech Republic

Trenkwalder Personaldienste AG

Implementation of the system for SMS communication enabling remote access to the company systems.

Axima s.r.o.
Implementation of the SMS Server application for the needs of the "" project.