SMS Server - System Description

SMS Server application is a server part of the system that provides communication between the GSM network (by means of GSM terminals connected to the server) and client applications. One of the client applications may be the SMS Agent application. SMS Server actually creates a communication and security gateway.

Method of Communication

The SMS Server application works on operation systems WIN 9X, WIN NT and WIN 2000, and is fully configurable. SMS Server is created so that it can communicate with different types of clients. Its basic function is receiving and sending messages by means of a GSM terminal (terminals) and the application of rules defined by the user to these messages. Server behaviour is completely configured by using input and output rules.

Main application window with the view of system log.

Definition of the rule for the incoming SMS message. Based on these definitions (An unlimited number of definitions may be entered.) SMS Server decides on how the incoming message is processed and to which client application (i.e. SMS Agent) the message will be passed.

Safety and Reliability

SMS Server is supplied with SIEMENS GSM modules that feature very high reliability. The safety of communication is based upon completely reliable authentication (and subsequent logging of access) of phone numbers that requests for processing are sent from. SMS Server processes only the requests from such numbers that are being loaded in the system (or from all numbers that have been granted access). Individual users are assigned different levels of access rights for using the individual features.

SMS Server + SMS Agent - Typical Installation

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